Saturday, May 11, 2013

Crazy Week

What a week!!!

First my sewing machine is in the shop.  It has been one full week and I miss her dearly!!  I've been so busy I wouldn't have had time to sew, even if I want, but still!!  They think it might be the upper tension and praise the Lord, it will be covered under warranty.  ;-)  YAY!!!  I'm praying that's all that's wrong, of if there is more to it, they find it and are able to fix it all!!  They also said up to 2 weeks before the part comes in.... so now we wait!!

God is so very good.  And I love that he is always here for everything we need!!  The salons are crazy busy, which is so AWESOME!!!  I heard one of the GREATEST things ever this week!!!  I still can't believe it!!!  We had a client referred to us, yes, a tanning salon, by a Dermatologist!!!  We have clients who tan for many different reasons, some medical but I have never heard that we had a referral from a Dermatologist!!  All this hard work training employee's and educating them as well as clients about smart tanning and not burning has been so rewarding this year.  I've been praying for many, many, many months that God would give me the desire to do what is his will for the salons.  It's just been so great!!  I may not be able to leave town any time soon, but what ever God's will is!!!  It's not about me and I just have to keep reminding myself of that!!!

Then the week of FUN!!  ok, maybe not fun, but God has given me the joy to laugh about it and not be too stressed or annoyed.  One salon has been hitting record highs of 82 degrees in the salon.  Not good, especially for doing spray tans.  It's been a hot week in the salon, as well as hitting 101 outside last night.  Wednesday night we unfortunately missed the last night of Awana's and the kids award ceremony as we were at the salon all evening after losing half of our lights and outlets.  It is by God's grace that we did not lose any power to any tanning bed or computers so we were able to run in the "mood lighting" atmosphere.  I can not tell you how great all of our clients were.  It was hot and dark, but they embraced it and showed grace!!  How awesome!!!

After Adam scrambled around, fixed our broken dryer since the only working one lost power, but we had our washer, spent a couple hours trouble shooting on the phone with my dad only to Not fix the problem.  He was however, able to figure out what was causing the problem.  No power was coming in to one half of one of our 4 power panels.  God has given me such a wonderful handy husband who I could not be more proud of!!  He's just so awesome and I love how he will troubleshoot and figure things out, even if he doesn't want to.  He is a very gifted man!!!  He's my awesome handyman!! ;-)   My dad said call an electrician.  Adam called the PUD and would you believe they came out around midnight, swapped the smart meter for an old non-smart meter and we are fixed!!!  I guess the prong contact wasn't tight enough and the smart meter was too finicky!!

Wednesday night when I got home at 9pm after leaving an 82 degree salon, I walked in to a 78 degree house.  It was pretty awesome (*Insert sarcasm).  LOL    And did I tell you our rental 2 1/2 hours away is having the same AC problems?  Pipes keep freezing...  The salon is that, plus leaking and not sure where the leak is.  ;-(   Yesterday I came home to an 85 degree house (it was 101 out).  Adam had turned the heater on to unfreeze all the pipes, which worked really quickly and then the AC worked and we are down to 75 now.  Still need to figure out how to get everything fixed, but we aren't dying in a 80+ degree house which is really nice and the salon hasn't been 85 since the meter was changed.  Getting close to 80, but manageable!!

Now on to hire.... Not sure who God has planned for me to hire but I need to be pro active and figure that out!!!  :-)  Happy Saturday and Happy early Mother's Day to all you wonderful Mommies!!! Or as Makaila wrote to me Momers Day!!  :-)